An Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you an insight into who I am and what got me into Airsoft and blogging.

Firstly, may I introduce myself. My name is Daniel, I’m 24 and I live in the United Kingdom. I have been in sales based job roles since I left school at the age of 16, quite frankly, not doing very much with my life and just getting by. In my down time between work and spending time with my partner, I always made sure I had a bit of time aside for gaming, especially World of Warcraft, a game I played for the last 12 years, and what brought on the name Avidity. That all promptly changed when I met my now Fiancé, Jade, whilst working for a well known DIY company.

Meeting Jade prompted me to get my act together (at least in some respects!) and I started focussing on my career more. I got into management roles, moved stores and eventually got offered a position within another company that meant I would, after nearly 5 years within retail, working nearly every weekend and holiday there was, would actually get my weekends back.

This was about the point that I found out about Airsoft, I was working away from home doing my training with my new company, sat in the bar of a premier inn in Manchester when a video came onto my YouTube screen on my phone by Novritsch. I have to say, I was hooked. I spent the rest of my week in Manchester using every spare minute searching through YouTube at various different players and videos. Conveniently for myself, an old friend and colleague of mine from my very early days in retail had a part time job in an airsoft store that was only a short drive from my home. We had always talked about the shop he worked for, I just never had the understanding of what it truly was to get down there and see what it was all about!

It was thanks to him that I found out about all the local sites, what weapons were the best to get myself using, and who really helped bring a bit of an idea into a reality. I needed something to get me out and about at the weekend, and get me back into wanting to lose weight and fix some issues I have with back problems etc.

Moving on to now, and why this blog has become something else I wanted to do. Jade and I recently brought into this world, my beautiful daughter Niamh and having her here made something click in my head. Since the day I first stepped foot on that airsoft field, I truly fell in love with the sport, and wanted to make it a more prominent part of my life. Having Niamh on the way put a bit of stop to me being able to go to many games over the last 3 months, but these last two weeks with her since her birth really made me sit back and evaluate my life.

I sat with her in my arms and thought why waste time, why not start doing something I am actually passionate about, and that is how we have got here. Writing my first ever blog post (so I apologise if I rambled) This whole adventure for me is a way to express what I have found as a newer player coming into the airsoft community, and to show what I believe is an amazing sport and hobby to more new players like myself.

So finally, please look forward over the coming months to, Gear & Field Reviews, game play videos and the occasional ramble about what’s going on!

The first review will be up later this month of the Secutor Rudis 1911 CO2 Pistol.

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