Secutor Rudis 1911 GBB Pistol Review

“‘Hunter’ is the meaning of my name “When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced” I was born with my sword, the gladius, on Roman sands as a gladiator, and my spirit remains today on hand-to-hand combat. The gladius once was the most feared short-distance weapon, nowadays the gun has claimed its throne. This is the new gladius, and you… the new Secutor.

Secutor dicit, inimicus silet”


I have owned only 2 other airsoft pistols in my short time playing, one was an AEP with the styling of a glock, which due to its ability to fire fully automatic, and playing with a sniper mainly I loved having that option.

The second pistol I brought after the AEP and still my go to pistol of choice for running a sneaky sniper set up is my MK23, not a TM version unfortunately, but still very reliable and very quiet!

I had however been looking into expanding my load outs, and to take a small step back from being a sneaky sniper I wanted to get my hands on a good quality Gas Blow Back pistol to be the side arm of choice when I use my AEG’s more often. 

 I looked at a few options of guns, finding a couple that I thought looked nice, but it was a 1911 I have wanted since first seeing one in the Airsoft shop that was close to home.

It was then that I saw a post from Bespoke Airsoft, a retailer that I have been looking at for quite a while, so when I saw the Rudis pop up on the screen, I have to admit I was hooked. Not only because this pistol just looks amazing, but because other than a video by Bespoke, there is little to nothing about this gun in English on the internet. At least at the time of me writing this review!


So that brings us to the Gun.


The quality of the externals on this gun is brilliant. It feels strong and well made in your hands and it looks the part.

I personally went for the more stand out option of the gold effect outer barrel. However the Rudis does come in two other options, either a black or silver barrel.



The body and slide of the gun are metal, as well is the outer barrel. This makes the gun have a nice solid weight to it. Without physically weighing the gun, I would say it comes in around 1kg with the magazine in and loaded. Not a weight I would be concerned with, and I had this on my hip throughout an entire day of gaming and didn’t feel any different!


The outer barrel is also threaded, and I out of interest did attach a suppressor to this gun. I however decided I did not like the look of it with this attached and have not actually fielded the gun with a suppressor on.


In terms of the actual operation of the Rudis the gun fires an absolute treat, and I actually found whilst shooting .25’s on the first skirmish I took this too that the gun Hopped the BB’s incredibly well straight out the box without me adjusting this at all.

Sporting a 26 round double stacked magazine also comes in great help for those quick fire situations. Spare magazines retail for around £34 and are compatible with KJW CO2 & Green Gas Magazines.


I think it may be worthwhile noting here, be prepared when firing this gun at a skirmish day to be shot by your own team, purely by how loud this is… I was sat in a bush sniping my little heart out when I noticed enemies coming into my MED, I decided at this point to let all hell loose and go out in a blaze of glory. I popped out of my spot and let loose, for a couple of my own team to jump out of their skin and fire in my direction. Which didn’t really have the blaze of glory effect I was aiming for!

However, people jumping at this gun was not a rare occurrence, and they most certainly knew I was there when I let loose.

As I am not a tech junkie with my airsoft guns, I am happy to let myself loose on my sniper rifles, as the parts on those are easily put back together, not so much on anything else, however to give you an insight into the internals;

The gun sports a 110mm 6.06 inner barrel and an adjustable hop up.

Taking this gun to the chronograph, I was shooting around 295fps with .25’s in so I would say around the 325fps ish mark with .20’s in the mag. Well within the site limits that I play at of 350fps. (When I get time to get out with my own chronograph I will upload a video to update this)

Overall, I personally believe this to be an amazing pistol. I think the team at Secutor have put together an absolutely brilliant pistol and I truly look forward to the items that they have coming out next. Namely, a range of glocks called the Gladius, and a more recently announced range of Shotguns.

For a price of £160 (at the point of publishing this article), I do not think you can go wrong with the Secutor Rudis

Should you wish to get your hands on this gun? Follow the link below to Bespoke Airsoft!

They are incredibly friendly and answer any questions you have even when they are incredibly busy.

So, what shall we do next! Posts planned for the next few weeks are:

Mancraft SDIK

Field Review – Rift Airsoft Harmergreen Wood.

March however is incredibly busy for me this year, what with my daughter and planned trips out! So apologies if things aren’t up on time!

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