Upcoming Reviews

So, as I said at the end of my review of the Rudis.

March has been a very long month. My full time job has had me in Germany this month attending meetings.

As well as needing to spend as much time with my daughter as possible.

With that in mind, I thought it best to update.

I have been writing out my review of the Mancraft SDiK but due to some firing issues I have held off from publishing to ensure I give the best and most honest review that I can.

I have however made some investments for my load outs, as I am finding sniping to be a bit of an overcrowded market at the moment, and with an aim to become fitter and get myself running again I thought I should move into the world the AEG.

So with that in mind, I have purchased myself a new rifle. I spent the best part of a month deciding on what rifle I wanted to go for.

Now one relevant bit of information in regards to my current gear, is I already own a CM16 raider AEG, I don’t personally use it, I lend it to my younger brother for skirmishes that he joins me on. So I have a gun that is at a lower price band that can be upgraded to work great, and eventually when I become more confident with it I will strip the gun back and upgrade it from point to point.

It took a lot of decision making, and I can understand where some people become a bit off put by the size of the market out there. Do you go for a great out of the box gun that’s on the higher end of the market? Do you buy something custom built/upgraded? Or do you buy low and upgrade yourself? What brand is best? How do you decide between all the different styles of rifle?
As I have said before, I am not a tech, and I wont be one for a very long time, so I decided to go along the lines of buying something higher that I could eventually upgrade, but would preform well straight out of the box, this led me to only once choice. Kyrtac. I am sure most airsofter’s out there have heard the name, and if they haven’t. They need to.

So sat in my house at the moment, is my Kyrtac Warsport LVOA-S in foliage green. I was stuck between the LVOA range or the CRB, having considered making a DMR out of Krytacs SPR. But I wanted that option of close quarters, CQB style game play, that I could also then rock into my first ever milsim game.

I will have the review up for this gun in the next week, as I am in the process of adding the accessories that I want and finding the right layout for my build, and I have made the choice to invest in a GoPro & an aim camera, so look forward to some game play this month too!

But if you want a first impression now, it is quite frankly one of the nicest feeling airsoft guns I have held and would happily tell anyone to go get their hands on one.

So for now, Avidity Airsoft.

Over & Out.


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