Krytac LVOA-S AEG Review


There are a lot of AEGs on today’s market. Starting from below £100 for a cheap garden target shooter. To the thousands you could spend on a custom built gun from companies around the world.

But when you want something that’s better quality than that £100 bodge job, but not going to require you to sell a kidney on the black market to purchase it, then where do you go?

This is a question I think many Airsofter’s ask themselves, especially if they are not tech minded or willing to run into the thousands of £’s you could spend on custom works.

Well for me, I tried the cheap and cheerful when I first started airsoft. I had a couple of two toned guns, both of which cost me less than £130, and both of which I wish I had never purchased, It was only after a short time that I realised which brands were truly not worth the money.

I had heard of various brands that were amazing guns for their externals, or for their internals, but only one name really got pushed around a lot as the most well rounded, that name of course is the infamous Krytac.

So I took myself over to Pro Airsoft Supplies and had a look at the offering and stock levels of the Krytac product range. Like most suppliers they do sell out of Krytac incredibly quickly due to the overall popularity of the platform.

So I ordered my gun, and here it is:

As you can see I chose to go for the foliage green LVOA series, the colour stood out as something that would be different on the field, and the LVOA just has that look that makes it stand out from the standard range of M4’s on the market today.

In the box you get all that you see above, I could not tell you how the sights or the high cap preform, as I did not use them at all. However they like the rest of the gun are very strong items, and would anyone that wants to use them very well.

Externally the Krytac is everything you read about. The gun is very solidly built, but my only gripe would be that at least on my rifle the stock felt loose on its furthest extension point. Whilst this is not a major problem for my 5’9″ frame, I would expect that some players in the 6′ region may need this additional length. So would need to secure this with a bit of tape on the buffer tube.

The key mod 13.5″ rail is truly beautiful, there is no movement on the front end of the weapon and it felt great to grip. The key mod itself does require you to remove the metal circular part from most accessories as the rail has been designed to allow you to screw straight in.

The other very noticeable and brilliant touch on this gun is the flush finishing rail with the lvoa/warsport flash hider. This gives the rifle and incredible look, something that has become very popular across a range of guns on the market. It has an aggressive look, and not something you want to run into in the middle of a kill house!

Being full metal the gun does have a bit of weight to it, so take that into consideration with what you put on the front of the weapon. As like me, you may not have wanted to run a foregrip but may need to just to give yourself a bit of relief on those longer game days.
As with previous reviews, I am no tech. So I won’t give you a long list of everything the Krytac has inside it.  The stock parts are known as some of the best on the market, however there would need to be some upgrades to make this weapon truly competitive on the field.

This gun can shoot. And it shoots very well straight out of the box.  There are loads of people out there that say just run an 11.1 straight away. I opted to ignore that and stuck with a 7.4 Lipo for the time being as I didn’t want to stress the gun to much straight away. The trigger response even on the 7.4 is amazing, whilst doing some accuracy tests with the infamous Krytac rotary hop up, I put the gun to the test and it did not let me down. The shooting test was preformed in an enclosed rear garden, so there was no real wind to contend with just an occasional gust that came over the fields from behind. My targets was laid out about 25m, and I was shooting from a slightly crouched and stable position. On a torso sized target in this environment I was getting about a 3cm grouping, with an occasional flyer. I was firing .25 ammo on this test, however I do believe it would be a bit more suited to use .28 instead.

I then took this gun out to a 5 year anniversary day for my local game site.  So got to stress test the gun. The game day was on a continuous skirmish with a break for lunch, with an accuracy range as well.

The gun was great on the field, it kept up to my requirements, kept a kill house under suppression and eliminated a decent amount of people in each life that I got.

The gun faired well on the accuracy range, keeping me in 4th place for the first half of the day, however I would expect that with a better shooter behind the gun, and some improvements on the barrel that this gun could have been up at the top with the rest.

My final thoughts;

Krytac have made an amazing platform, and have secured their name as one of the best on the market for a stock platform. I would be happy to recommend people pick up one of these guns if they are looking to move up from something such as the G&G combat machine range.

Though as I have noted a couple of times above, I think to be truly competitive, you need to make some upgrades. The barrel and hop rubber would be my first recommendation to change over and get yourself dialled in on target more effectively.

This was my first real foraging into the world of the “premium” gun, and I was not disappointed. However in a world of honesty and open reviews – I am actually selling this gun on after only having it for a few months. People will query why, and expect that it is because of a problem with the gun. But it honestly isn’t. The LVOA just isn’t for me.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone out there, is if you get the chance. View the gun in store. Whilst I loved its performance and looks, it didn’t quite suit my overall playstyle that I am aiming for in terms of my load out.


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